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November 2016: Dana Expands Investing Principles To New Office

“It’s great to have a client who is more forward-thinking and can understand that the initial cost might be marginally higher, but in the long run they’ll save money…”

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November 2016: Investing In Lower Carbon Emissions

Dana Investment Advisors Director of Equities, Duane Roberts, speaks with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Rather than focus strictly on divesting the stocks of fossil fuel providers, we think it’s equally if not more impactful to encourage the consumers of fossil fuels to move in cleaner directions…”

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Dana Investment Advisors joins Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR)

We are very pleased to announce that Dana Investment Advisors has joined the Ceres-led Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR). The INCR has over 120 members including the largest institutional investors, representing over $14 trillion in assets….

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September 2016: “Stock Traders Fed Up With Torpor May Not Like August Jobs Jolt” – Bloomberg

Dana Investment Advisors CIO Joe Veranth comments on the market with Bloomberg

“When the market moves within a narrow range, it’s getting tightly wound and looking for news, and Friday’s number is a big number”.

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The UK referendum on whether to remain or leave the EU(European Union) was decided yesterday:UK voters surprised pundits, polls and bookmakers by opting to leave the EU.

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MAY 15, 2016: Bull Market Losing Big Ally as Buybacks Fall Most Since 2009

Dana Investment Advisors CIO Joe Veranth comments on buybacks.

Corporate America has its eye on a new target as executives look to tighten their belts amid a slump in profits — and this time shareholders won’t like it.

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