Equity Strategies

Dana’s investment philosophy and process is consistent across all equity strategies. We adhere to a relative valuation investment philosophy, which simply means that we believe superior returns are produced by identifying companies whose attractive growth prospects are undervalued relative to their peers. By buying attractively ranked stocks, we seek to add value over time. Our risk-controlled portfolio construction is a differentiating factor in protecting our clients’ assets. Risk controls compel us to look
down before we look up.We invite you to explore our Equity Strategies and Wealth Management services.

Balanced Strategy

Dana’s Balanced Strategies are typically customized portfolios invested in both equities and fixed income instruments to meet individual objectives, cash flow needs and asset liability matching for institutions. Equity holdings are comprised of one or more of our equity strategies and fixed income holdings follow our Limited Volatility, Municipal and/or Intermediate Bond strategies.

These Strategies seeks to outperform a customized benchmark, while reducing volatility over the market cycle.

  • Mandate:
  • Benchmark:
  • Inception:
    December 31, 1987
  • Average Number of Holdings:
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