Fixed Income Strategies

Dana’s process and philosophy to managing fixed income portfolios starts with the understanding that we’ve been hired to minimize loss of principal while providing a consistent income to portfolios. Our process eliminates the futile attempt in predicting interest rate movements and focuses on the relative-valuations of securities. Risk analysis is an ongoing component of our process as we believe alpha is most appreciated within a defined risk framework..

Dana Limited Volatility Strategy

Since our founding in 1980, managing high quality, low risk fixed income portfolios for organizations looking to invest their reserve cash has been one of Dana’s primary specialties. This investment approach was the foundation for what is now known as our Limited Volatility strategy. Dana’s Limited Volatility strategy has a proven track record of maintaining the safety of principal that this type of investor requires while delivering an attractive yield advantage.

Seeks to deliver maximum excess yield over other high-quality, short duration investment options while limiting downside risk through the use of governmental and investment grade fixed income securities.

  • Mandate:
    Short Duration Taxable Fixed Income
  • Benchmark:
    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch 1 Year Treasury
  • Inception:
    December, 1985
  • Average Number of Holdings:
  • Effective Duration Target:
  • Excess Return Target:
  • Target Portfolio Credit Rating:

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