Fixed Income Strategies

Dana’s process and philosophy to managing fixed income portfolios starts with the understanding that we’ve been hired to minimize loss of principal while providing a consistent income to portfolios. Our process eliminates the futile attempt in predicting interest rate movements and focuses on the relative-valuations of securities. Risk analysis is an ongoing component of our process as we believe alpha is most appreciated within a defined risk framework..

Dana Social ESG Bond Strategy

The Dana Social ESG Bond Strategy integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors within its investment process. This Strategy holds high credit quality bonds, including green bonds, that generally provide higher yields than comparable fixed income benchmarks with the same or similar duration. This combination offers an integrated ESG profile with higher current income and lower risk while providing clients with more stable total returns throughout a market cycle.

Provide deliver maximum excess yield over other high credit quality intermediate duration investment options while incorporating and potentially benefiting from ESG metrics. Emphasis is placed on sector allocation, credit quality and duration to perform well in all market environments.

  • Mandate:
    Socially Responsible Taxable Fixed Income
  • Benchmark:
    S&P Barclays Intermediate Gov/Credit Index
  • Inception:
    March, 2011
  • Average Number of Holdings:
  • Effective Duration Target:
    +/-15% of Benchmark
  • Target Portfolio Credit Rating:

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