Equity Strategies

Concentrated Dividend Equity

Dana’s Concentrated Dividend Equity is diversified portfolio of dividend paying stocks. We are process driven and believe that a disciplined process of active management can add value over time. Our risk controls, set parameters for portfolio construction and allow our investment teams to focus on security selection. Our security selection process uses quantitative modeling and fundamental research to help identify securities that possess attractive valuation and growth characteristics relative to peers. We seek to generate attractive dividend income and long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio of companies exhibiting strong cashflows and consistent dividends.

  • 92.2%

    Downside Capture Rate*

  • 98.8%

    Upside Capture Rate*

*Up-Down Market Capture measures Strategy quarterly performance (net of fees) relative to the index during periods when the index has risen or fallen. Market capture shown is since inception.

*As of 03/31/24

Asset Class: U.S. Large Value Equity
Inception Date: March 31, 2012
Holdings Range: 25-30
Strategy Assets: $150M