Equity Strategies

Unconstrained Equity

Dana’s Unconstrained Equity is an opportunistic approach to domestic equities within a highly concentrated portfolio. This Strategy is designed to be flexible through market cycles, and the portfolio will reflect a blend of growth and valuation characteristics to help investors navigate these cycles. With the economy experiencing accelerated change driven by technological innovation, and most investors underestimating the effect of this disruption we seek to add value by understanding winning business models of the future and identifying accelerated change. We seek to generate long-term capital appreciation exceeding the S&P 500 Index return through the purchase of a limited number of companies that can thrive across disparate market environments.

  • 77.7%

    Downside Capture Rate*

  • 137.5%

    Upside Capture Rate*

*Up-Down Market Capture measures Strategy quarterly performance (net of fees) relative to the index during periods when the index has risen or fallen. Market capture shown is since inception.

*As of 12/31/23

Asset Class: U.S. Large Cap Equity
Inception Date: December 31, 2018
Number of Holdings: 15-30
Strategy Assets: $46.7M
Max Cash: 30%